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Since we have no outside shareholders, and are free from external vested interests, we are able to give truly objective, impartial, and unbiased advice to our clients, in respect of their real estate strategies.

Our broad knowledge of the markets we operate in, together with a deep understanding of the factors influencing real estate returns, enable us to assist clients with their strategic investment decisions and offer perspectives for property acquisitions, divestments, or transformations


We negotiate, conduct due diligence on, and execute transactions for clients across practically all real estate asset classes, be it residential, commercial, industrial, hospitality, or mixed-use real estate and across all investment-grade real estate strategies, from core to core plus, to value-add strategies.

We have extensive experience in project developments and have successfully closed transactions for real estate projects across the entire capital structure and at various development stages.


As trusted advisors to a number of high net worth clients and their family offices, we are intimately familiar with how property holding structures need to be set up, administered, and managed.

We seamlessly work with our network of lawyers, tax advisors, and professional service providers, to ensure that the structures of our clients are looked after in an efficient and compliant manner.


We provide ongoing support and management at holding level as well as the underlying property level.

For property holding companies, investment companies, and special purpose vehicles incorporated in Switzerland, we provide fiduciary, tax, legal, compliance, and accounting services, and can coordinate more elaborate undertakings, such as obtaining tax rulings with the competent tax authorities.

For individual properties, we can select and coordinate asset and property managers, or set up and oversee more elaborate plans when repositioning or repurposing value-add properties.